TLC Creative

A trio of award-winning creatives that bring originality, humour and entertainment to any project.

Creative Writing

From pantomimes to sketches, one-act plays to Santa’s Grotto stories, our team of writers can deliver on time, every time.

Theatrical Merchandise

From pantomime fun sheets which keep the kids entertained, to spoof fairytale themed radio adverts to entertain the crowds in the foyer. Come and have a listen!

Murder Mysteries

Murder Mystery plots and packs which allow your group to hold fundraising dinner events – lots of improvising and full supporting resources included.

Corporate Work

If you need help injecting creativity and humour into your presentation, or a bit of assistance with corporate training events, we’re your guys.

The Guys

Steve can make a cohesive storyline from Alphabetti Spaghetti.

Damian can create a strong character from any two traits and a personality disorder.

No-one really knows what David does, but they tend to find the end result funny.

How could you not want these guys on your team?

We are also able to draw on the talents of a range of people who work with us.

  • Creativity 85% 85%
  • Humour 90% 90%
  • Ability to hit a deadline 75% 75%
  • Ability to leave biscuits in the tin for anyone else 20% 20%
Damian Trasler

Damian Trasler


Damian studied long and hard to get to the top of his chosen profession. Sadly, instead of going to become a brain surgeon, he fell into play writing and has been unable to find his way out again. People often say “So, what sort of plays do you write?” and he’s considering offering a reward for whoever can come up with a snappier answer than “You know, sort of funny ones…”.

After receiving various awards for his one act plays, he’s enjoyed more success by joining TLC and writing all sorts of stuff for an international customer base. He’s determined to continue the TLC campaign to rule the world of theatrical scriptwriting, even though he’s accidentally moved to Canada. He is still writing, but has yet to see a moose.

Damian also runs a script appraisal service in collaboration with online publisher, Lazy Bee Scripts.

You can mail Damian directly:

You can also visit Damian’s own personal writers website here.

David Lovesy

David Lovesy


David has been writing and performing his own material for over ten years.

A stand-up comedian by evening, technomonkey by day, David has considerable experience in writing for both performance and the corporate sector, from business presentation speeches to pantomime.

He now spends his stagetime with improvisational comedy and performing in Murdery Mystery evenings. Anything to get away from learning lines.

You can mail David directly:

You can also visit David’s own creative services website here.

Steve Clark

Steve Clark


Steve is the most organised person we know. We’d write more, but we worry about untidying the pencil case since Steve put them all in shade order. He is the one who drags the others kicking and screaming to the writing table and pesters and hassles until they come up with the promised material!

He performs regularly in (and sometimes directs) musicals, comedies and pantomimes with Milton Keynes based groups, plays roles in Murder Mysteries Parties and comperes Comedy Improvisation shows.

Steve also enjoys dressing up (male and female attire) and generally making a spectacle of himself!

You can mail Steve directly: