In association with the Really Horrid Production Company and Die Laughing (two groups that stage Murder Mystery Events in the North Buckinghamshire area with whom Steve and David perform), we have developed a number of Murder Mystery Events Packs.

The scenarios are designed for events (usually dinners) at which the actors interact with the guests. One or more “murders” take place during the course of the event, and the guests have to work out “who dunnit”.

Given the interactive nature of the events, there is no fixed script. The actors are provided with a narrative arc (“the plot”!) and character information, and they improvise dialogue – with each other and with the audience – to make it all happen. We also provide printable graphic resources to support your event.

Each scenario is provided as a downloadable set of files.

  • A document outlining the plot, sequence of events, arguments, motives, back stories and the guidelines as to how best to stage your event
  • A set of high quality PDF files which, depending on the scenario, include business cards, posters, incriminating evidence, newspapers cuttings, table cards listing the main characters, solutions sheets and so on to enhance the event and provide ‘souvenirs’ for your guests.

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Need us to devise a cunning murder for you?

If our existing titles don’t fit your murderous vision then why not commission us to write something to your warped specification?

A Recipe for Murder

Clint Plumb has gathered his loyal customers and a number of special guests to announce the exciting plans for a new extension to his venue incorporating a new restaurant and guest wing. But what he reveals is not quite what everyone expected and tempers fly! Sordid secrets, recriminations and blackmail finally end in a double murder!

Anne Gets Cleaved: A Tudor Murder Mystery

The year is 1526 in the reign of King Henry VIII. The king is on tour, and his arrival at a manor house is eagerly anticipated.

A chance to meet the monarch means that there is a palpable sense of excitement, but the talk on everyone’s lips is of The Thrush, a deadly assassin whose recent murders have cast a long shadow. As the evening progresses and the King has not arrived, tempers fray, until one of the party falls victim to poison – and on the body is found the assassin’s trademark calling card!

Dead Men Don’t Get Dessert

The city of Chicago, 1929. A top secret meeting of the leading gangsters and criminal minds of the city has been organised by Sal Capone. The objective; to sign a syndicate pact to combine forces and unit against the Feds. But the arrival of PI Mike Slammer, a gumshoe hated by all the gang leaders present, changes the course of the evening. Slammer has an alarming revelation about an undercover Federal agent among the gathered fraternity but is murdered before he can give the name. Which of the felons was the murderer? Designed for a cast and audience in Gangster and Molls costume!

Dial M for Monster

It’s the annual meeting of SCREAM!, and classic monsters from history are waiting to hear who will take over leadership of this evil organisation. Then the current Chair reveals a most unexpected alternative to promotion… A Halloween / horror themed event where you have to work out who didn’t do it!

I’m your No. 1 Fang!

It’s the special launch night for the latest Halloween horror movie from Buena Pasta Pictures, “I’m your number one fang!” All the great and the good of the movie industry, along with critics and backers are gathered to hear from the producer and director and meet members of the cast. But nothing goes according to plan. It seems that the studio boss, is not happy with the picture and then someone starts re-enacting the grisly events of the movie in real life, as two of the VIP guests are murdered! But who is responsible?

3m 4f (also available as a 4m 3f mix)


At the monthly meeting of LepreCON – a group for those who celebrate fairies, pixies and other fair folk, the members are shocked to hear that two of their company have finally tracked down a Leprechaun and claimed his pot of gold and will be using their new found wealth to start a new life in the south of Spain. But it soon appears that this incredible source of the cash may not be true! Soon recriminations, revelations and dissent throw the meeting into chaos and before the evening is out, someone dies. Who committed the grisly deed? Designed for a cast in Fairy / fantasy costume!

M’nango Valley

Adventurer and explorer Oregon Smith is opening an African theme park based on some rather warped concepts. Will he get away with it? Not with the local aristocracy and some environmental activists to deal with

Mates Meet Again

A school reunion is gate crashed by the domineering headmistress Deirdre Blackburn. Tempers fly and Deirdre gets more than just detention! Which member of staff or former pupil did the deed?

Media Murder

Television moguls Max and Maggie Burdock host the launch of a new channel, but will their plans be scuppered by their avenging daughter, a rebel celebrity or the intellectual powerhouse that is Channel Elite?

Murder at the Manor

Sir Clive and Lady Worthington-Jones, two eccentric English aristocrats, have always lived their lives according to their own rules. When their moral crusader daughter, Dora, becomes engaged to an ambitious MP, who wants to gain votes at the next election by stamping on corruption, drastic action is called for…

Oliver with a Twist!

A fund raising dinner for the Twist Foundation ends in disaster when the wealthy philanthropist, Oliver Twist, is found murdered. Set 20 years after the events of the novel, Oliver has gathered a number of his former associates for the meal. Who would “do anything” to silence him? Designed for a cast in Dickensian period costume!

Robin Hood and his Merry Menace

A Robin Hood themed dinner for the Historical Re-enactment Society descends into chaos as the wife of the chairman is murdered. It seems that everyone had a possible motive, but who committee the heinous crime. Luckily one of the members of the committee is also a Police Constable and with his help the case can be solved… Designed for a cast in Robin Hood themed costume!

Theatre of Horror

The Style Theatre – A fading repertory theatre company. In its day, it was famous for fabulous and spectacular shows – but now it is struggling to make ends meet. Internal rivalries, disagreements and weak management have all contributed to its downfall. When business entrepreneur Liam Dwyer offers to turn the company’s fortunes around, artistic director, Richard Venables agrees to follow his advice, but he has his own contentious ideas!

Who Sleighed Santa?

A group of VIP guests have a rare treat to spend an evening with the legendary Santa Claus. Rumours are rife that the great man has a big announcement to make, but what he says is not quite what everyone expects to hear. Before long Santa is murdered. Who could do such a thing? The list of possible suspects is not short