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We are truly international with the writing partners based in both Canada and Great Britain.

If you need to use a telephone or you are a technophobe (in which case you obviously aren’t reading this) then you can call Steve Clark on +44 (0) 7758 383939.

If the thought of telephones also leaves you in a cold sweat, you can write to:

TLC Creative
4 Wavell Court
Bolbeck Park
Milton Keynes
MK15 8PZ
United Kingdom

If conventional mail also gives you the heebie jeebies then you could possibly train up a labrador and then fall in a pit in a bid to get the dog to go and fetch help. If you are going to do this then please fall down a hole near Milton Keynes (Great Britain) or Vancouver (Canada) as we may not be motivated to travel that far to aid your plight!

And if it’s musical content you wish to discuss then please contact Sound-Board.