Religious / Moral plays

plus performances to date

Damian has written a number of plays with a religious / moral theme.

Popular among church groups, all profits from the sale of these script and performance rights are donated to charity.

In God’s office

Trying to deliver a parcel, Sieker discovers the Creator at work in a tiny office.

He has a few questions for his Maker, but probably won’t like the answers…

Running Time: 10 mins approx

On a Street Corner

A street evangelist tries to put his point across to a boy he meets on the street.

Then they both try to untangle the Da Vinci mystery for a passing girl.

Are there any answers here?

2m 1f
Running Time: 15 mins approx

The Nativity Problem

It’s time to start rehearsals for the school Christmas play, but with some understandable reluctance among the all male cast to play angels and virgin mothers, an alternative slant on the story must be found…

Running Time: 15 mins approx