Nursery Crimes

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On the surface Nursery Land seems an idyllic place, but underneath crime and murky deeds are rife!

The Nursery Crime series parodies popular nursery rhymes in the style of film noir / detective stories.

The plays can be purchased and performed as individual tales, or (at a discount) purchased and performed as the complete series.

More Nursery Crimes

‘Puss in Boots and the stolen slipper’ – There is consternation at court! The famed slipper belonging to Princess Cinderella has been stolen! The Palace guards suspect the identity of the thief but do they have the right man? Enter private investigator extraordinaire, Puss In Boots to solve the baffling crime! A short crime story in film noir style, set in Nursery Land!

3m 2f (or 4m 1f)
Running Time: 10 mins approx

Nursery Crimes

Did he fall or was he pushed? That is the question on everyone’s lips! Rumours are rife. The theories are wild and fanciful and no-one is above suspicion! However, Bill the Private Eye is on the case. Can he and Goldie solve the puzzle? This short play takes a fun alternative look at nursery rhymes.

2m 1f
Running Time: 10 mins approx

Nursery Crimes: The Catnap Kidnap Caper

When a trio of bears go missing in Fairytale land, Private Investigator, Puss in Boots is hired to track them down. But as other groups of three animals start to disappear, it seems that the case could be just the start of something much more sinister! Puss, and his assistant Mary Quite Contrary, try to unpick the mystery, meeting Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Woodsmen, Trolls, Wolves, Soldiers and even Royalty along the way…

5m 3f 2 either
Running Time: 1h 20 mins approx

Nursery Crimes: The Complete Series

The full set of all six short plays is also available in a compendium pack (offering a discount on script and performance rights).

  • Nursery Crimes
  • More Nursery Crimes
  • Nursery Crimes: The Eggs Files
  • Nursery Crimes: The Dawincey Code
  • Nursery Crimes: Four and Twenty
  • Nursery Crime Scene Investigation (NCSI)

Minimum 5m 2f
Running Time: 1hr 35 mins approx

Nursery Crimes: The DaWincey Code

Hansel and Gretel attempt to track down the truth behind the famous Incey Da Wincey conspiracy stories. What did the celebrated web artist know about the ‘Narrator’ and the ‘Index’?

Could Nursery Land really just be a series of stories in a book?

Can they solve the mystery before they are silenced by sinister forces who want the secret protected forever?

5 characters
Running Time: 30 mins approx

Winner of Outstanding production award at Soothfest 2008 (Ontario, Canada)

Nursery Crimes: The Eggs Files

Business is slow for Fairytale PI, Puss in Boots. All that changes when he is handed a set of files belonging to the late Humpty Dumpty.

Puss is drawn into a complex web of intrigue and conspiracy involving the FBI (Fairyland Bureau of Investigation), the 3 Pigs Construction Empire and the Big Bad Wolf.  Another case in the Nursery Crimes series.

6 characters
Running Time: 15 mins approx