We have a wide range of sketches and skits on offer. They vary in length from two to twenty minutes, cover a bewildering range of subjects and there are monologues, two handers and scripts for up to a dozen performers so plenty to choose from! Some with minimal props and set, some requiring more complex preparation.

Ideal for workshops, class readings, revues and cabaret style shows.

We also offer collections of themed sketches on our Revue Show script page.

plus performances to date

A captivating situation

Howie’s having a bad day – he left the house for a little shopping, now, a few hours later, he’s holed up in an abandoned house with a hostage upstairs and a bullet in his stomach. Can he negotiate a solution with Police Officer Zip before the SWAT team arrive?

Running Time: 12 mins approx

At the Gates of Valhalla

A group of Vikings arrive on the threshold of the afterlife, expecting quaffing and carousing and more enjoyment than they get from a single Valkyrie with a clipboard…

4m 1f
Running Time: 15 mins approx

Bomber Command

The Pilot and Flight Engineer of a Lancaster Bomber face trouble from ‘the passengers’ in the back!

A sketch from the Skitskrieg World War 2 themed revue collection.

3 characters
Running Time: 3 mins approx

Budget Airlines

When flying with a budget airline it is always a good idea to read the small print to understand exactly what you get for your money – and what is extra…

3 characters
Running Time: 4 mins approx

Cash in the Attic

It’s another edition of ‘Cash in the Attic’ and the team find some amazing items in Herr Schutzstaffel’s house!

A sketch from the Skitskrieg World War 2 themed revue collection.

3 characters
Running Time: 3 mins approx


With funding running low, how might the Cruttock’s End Lap Dance and Pole Artistes Collective raise some capital?

Running Time: 2 mins approx

Nelson’s Driving Test

A young Captain prepares to take his Naval Captaincy Proficiency Test in front of an eager TV crew.

Originally commissioned for an event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005.

2m 2f plus chorus
Running Time: 15 mins approx

On the way to Mars

On the first manned mission to Mars, the boredom and monotony of the long space flight is taking its toll. How long before the crew finally crack?

2 characters
Running Time: 4 mins approx


Come on a Safari tour in the Kruger National Park: seeking those animals that are much harder to find!


2M 1 Either
Running Time: 3 mins approx

Strange New Worlds

Three members of the Galaxy Patrol, Security Branch, are on the surface of an alien planet. Bearing in mind they’re all wearing red jerseys, how many will get off the planet alive?

2m 1f
Running Time: 10 mins approx

Territorial Actors

The TA (Territorial Actors) is not for the faint hearted. A group of new recruits are put through their paces by the squad drill Sergeant.

7 characters
Running Time: 10 mins approx

The Crime done in Rhyme!

There’s been murder afoot, but who can have done it? If there’s a prize for rhymed mystery, this one has won it!

The victim’s a cat, but much more than that, He’s a cat that has often been seen in a hat!

A detective is called and a Mistress is found, while the corpse of the cat is left there on the ground.

It’s funny, irreverent and won’t take much time, And the best of it is, every line is in rhyme!

A Dr Seuss inspired murder mystery sketch.

4 characters minimum
Running Time: 8 mins approx

The Haunting of Hardup Hall

Lord and Lady Hardup are at their wits end.

Their mansion is being haunted by a fearsome spook and soon they will be forced to flee!

Mystic Maureen, psychic extraordinaire is called to save them from the spirits!

7 characters (some doubling possible)
Running Time: 10 mins approx

The Joke Centre

It is Sylvia’s first day in the new job. All she has been told is that it is a ‘sort of call centre’ and that she’ll ‘pick it up as she goes along’…

1m 1f
Running Time: 15 mins approx

The Land Army

During a routine inspection of a squad of Land Army girls, the visiting officer has some suspicions that all is not what it seems…

A sketch from the Skitskrieg World War 2 themed revue collection.

5m 2f 
Running Time: 9 mins approx

The source of denial

Struggling to write a ‘proper’ play after years of comedies, a writer uses his favourite character to explore faith, proof and truth, only to end up learning more about himself than he expected.

3m 1f
Running Time: 40 mins approx

The Spa

Brian is not keen about the spa but soon discovers that the treatments might not be too bad…

1m 1f 1 either
Running Time: 4 mins approx

Three Sons

Waiting for a connecting flight, three men find they have something in common, though one is keeping a secret…

Running Time: 10 mins approx

Two Barmen

Two barmen discuss some of the odd customers they have served recently…

TLC Creative make no apologies for the terrible gags used in this follow up to Two Farmers.

5 Characters (2 Offstage Voices, can be doubled by Performer 3)
Running Time: 4 mins approx


Flushed with the success of his new invention, Alexander Graham Bell describes his plans for upgrading his phone to his assistant, Watson.

2m 1f
Running Time: 8 mins approx