Babes in the Wood

performances to date

Running Time:

2h approximately (plus interval)


Minimum 6m, 4f, 6 either plus chorus

The tale of England’s popular hero in pantomime style with over 450 performances to date…

Boo the scheming Sir Silas Rottingham, Sheriff of Nottingham, and his henchmen as they plot diabolical deeds to steal the fortunes of the innocent babes, and cheer our dashing hero, Robin Hood and his Merry Men as they do their best to thwart the evil plans!

All is not well in Nottingham! The wicked Sheriff is growing rich on the many taxes that he is forcing the poor townsfolk to pay and he is just about to become even richer.

Pip and Penny, recently orphaned and heirs to vast fortunes have been entrusted into his care and he is hatching a horrible plan to make sure that he will inherit the cash and marry Maid Marion into the bargain.

All that stands in his way is the very brave and dashing Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the fearsome Nanny Coddle, brainless Dave Knave (the wannabe outlaw) and a rather overworked Fairy.

Will they succeed in thwarting the evil plot and beat the Sheriff and his villainous henchmen?

A script jam-packed with jokes, slapstick, gunge, loveable characters and all the magic of traditional pantomime with enough audience participation to leave you hoarse by the end of the show!

Also available with this script as an optional extra: Full backing track arrangements for all the suggested songs in the script from Sound-Board, available to purchase from Lazy Bee Scripts.

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Licensing: This script is published through Lazy Bee Scripts. To read the whole script online and to make an application to perform the show please visit Lazy Bee Scripts. Included with the script is a set of new lyrics to popular songs written especially for this production.
We thoroughly enjoyed performing ‘Babes in the Wood’, to our first sell out audience. It didn’t take much to update the topical references for an Australian audience, and both adults and kids alike were in stitches laughing at the humour. We performed with an all youth cast, so it is still possible to bring out the comedy of a pantomime with teenagers. We are greatly looking forward to doing our next show, also by TLC.

BATS, Australia

Thank you so much for ‘Babes in the Wood’. We all had a great time and our audiences thoroughly enjoyed the performances.

Wensleydale Troupers