Pantomime Scripts

We are delighted to offer our popular and successful pantomime scripts for public performance. A mix of well known traditional tales and a few more original stories, and all packed with comedy, audience participation and imaginative action. With thousands of worldwide performances and many customers coming back year after year, we know you’ll find a title that will be a success for you! These family shows have received tremendous feedback from performers and audiences alike.

Our pantomime range includes:

Our scripts feature all the true classic ingredients of traditional family pantomime.

  • Good clean fun and no smut!
  • Plenty of jokes – old and new!
  • Slapstick, visual gags and lots of movement!
  • Slosh / mess / goo scenes!
  • ‘It’s behind you’ scenes!
  • Lots of audience participation and on-going routines to keep the audience involved
  • Clearly defined goodies and baddies!
  • Loud and colourful characters
  • Song lyrics especially written for the shows
  • The option to purchase arrangements of backing music from Sound-Board studios for many titles
  • We have included plenty of chorus lines and cameo roles that can be shared out to members of your company allowing everyone in the cast a chance for ‘their moment’

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Commission your own panto!

If there is a title or pantomime subject that you are desperate to perform, give us a spec and we can discuss writing a script specifically for your group…
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Our latest panto title…

1001 Nights (and a matinee)

There’s trouble brewing in old Baghdad! Unless the Princess marries before her 21st Birthday, the evil Vizier will take control of the city! Things look grim… but hang on! A posse of would-be heroes are here to save the day! The love sick Ali Barber (who pines for the Princess), his dim-witted brother Singbad the sailor and his fearsome mother, Dame Barber are ready to intervene and foil the villain’s fiendish plot.

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The wicked Abanazer is seeking the magic lamp that contains the all-powerful Genie, so that he can rule the world, and is just steps away from succeeding! Is all hope lost? No! Help is at hand!

A family posse of wannabe heroes are here to foil Abanazer’s evil scheme! The innocent local lad, Aladdin, his brother, the cheeky Wishee Washee and their fearsome mother,washerwoman Widow Twankey are ready to intervene and save the day!

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Aladdin: The short version

A cut down, one act version of the popular Aladdin story written for a small cast and simple / minimal set and props.

The traditional tale featuring a reduced cast of just Widow Twankey (who also narrates), Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the wicked Abanazer, a Slave of the Ring and a magical Genie of the Lamp.

Can be performed by as few as four actors with doubling.

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Babes in the Wood

Boo the scheming Sir Silas Rottingham, Sheriff of Nottingham, and his henchmen as they plot diabolical deeds to steal the fortunes of the innocent babes, and cheer our dashing hero, Robin Hood and his Merry Men as they do their best to thwart the evil plans!

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Cinderella lives a life of drudgery, bullied by her horrible Ugly sisters. Her muddled and confused father, Baron Hardup is powerless to intervene (he’s more scared of them than she is!) and her only comfort is her pal Buttons! Prince Charming is holding a ball to meet his bride to be. Can this be the chance that Cinders has been waiting for?

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Dick Whittington

King Rat is threatening to take over London. Only the penniless but brave Dick Whittington and his trusty feline sidekick, Tiddles, can stop the rodent’s quest for domination!

Aided by the magic of a very cockney Spirit of London, the more down to earth and questionable ‘help’ of his mother, Dame Sarah, and his loyal but brainless pal, ‘Barrow Boy’ Billy, Dick’s adventure takes him from the East End of London to distant tropical shores before the final showdown with the villainous King Rat and his henchrats, Nip and Tuck!

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Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

A tale of a girl, three bears and some porridge… and much more! The traditional Goldilocks story is given a new slant in this pantomime tale.

An evil queen bee is up to no good in the woodland, planning global domination for her wicked swarm and now she has a secret weapon – a potent hypno-honey. Soon a battle is underway for control of the wood with Goldilocks and her friends in the thick of it.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

A tale of love, adventure and some beans! A gruesome Giant, a wicked Witch, a fabulous Fairy, a brave Hero, the obligatory village Idiot, a daft Dame and, of course, a cute and cuddly cow!

The kingdom is in trouble! Giant Blunderbore and his partner in crime, the evil witch, Poison Ivy are blackmailing the royal family, forcing them to pay protection money or else the Giant will gobble them up! All that stands between the Royals and the Giant’s dinner plate is collection of unreliable misfits!

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Knight Fever!

The fair kingdom of Camelot is under threat from the evil Black Knight, and King Arthur, his knights and the magician Merlin seem unable to avert disaster!

But brave Justin, a humble stable boy with dreams to become a Knight of the Roundtable is quick to step into the breach. With the help (or should that be hindrance!) of Lester the court Jester and Dame Doris, he sets off on a quest to free a princess and save the kingdom from disaster.

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Mother Goose

Our take on the popular pantomime story: A challenge between the Demon King and Fairy Goosedown embroils Dame Mother Goose and her family in a tale of golden eggs and a search for true beauty!

A host of larger than life characters (Mother Goose, Silly Billy, Jack, Jill, Fairy Goosedown, the Demon king, Bailiffs Nifty and Shifty and Lucy Goose), plenty for the chorus and our usual mix of silliness, songs and slapstick!

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The most gruesome pantomime of them all! Follow Boris and Bertha as they investigate creepy goings on in Cemeteria, a mountain top village in the heart of Transylvania, where dark secrets and mad scientists dwell side by side.

Dracula, Dr Frank N Stein and Igor as well as the Werewolf all play their part. All the elements of traditional family entertainment are here: Songs, laughter and unspeakable violence!

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Puss in Boots

Jack, the Miller’s son, has been left with just the family cat in his father’s will and although he has great ambitions it is unlikely he will amount to much!
Things soon change with the arrival of his Auntie Hettie and the revelation that Puss can talk (and looks pretty fetching in a pair of boots)!

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A unique version of the traditional rags to riches story of Cinderella given the scientific treatment. All the fun of a traditional pantomime show combined with education and learning. The show is designed for a small 5 person cast and is ideal for school performances.

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Sinbad the Sailor

Set sail on the seven seas this panto season! A tale of adventure and derring do on the ocean waves.

The peaceful rule of Sultan Pepa is threatened when his scheming, magical sister Halapena banishes the Princess Scheherazade to a far off desert island. Only Sinbad the Sailor, with his trusted pal Mustapha Sickbag and his domineering mother Dame Peony Poopdeck, can save the day!

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Sleeping Beauty

A magical tale of Fairies, true love, curses and spinning wheels!

The Princess Rose is about to celebrate her eighteenth birthday and the end of the long-standing curse put on her by the evil fairy Malicia. The future looks bright… but the wicked fairy is not to be thwarted

Can Rose’s friends Nurse Nelly Nutmeg and Court Jester Jingling Jerry save her?

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Snow White and the Magnificent 7 Dwarfs

Take a trip to the Wild West in this innovative reworking of the classic fairy tale!

Snow White, heiress to the ‘Happy Ever After Cattle’ ranch, is the fairest girl on the prairie – but her wicked and jealous stepmother, Widow Blackheart, plots to separate her from her fortune! Help is at hand from 7 companions!

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Watch this Space!

Taking panto to the final frontier…

The distant planet of Nonamia is held in the iron grip of the wicked Queen Evilena. This vain and preening monarch has now taken a dislike to her stepdaughter the beautiful princess Tia Maria and instructs her Henchman , the sinister Raft Raider to dispose of the child!

Who can save her? Perhaps the crew of the starship USS Compromise and an assortment of robots can help?

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