performances to date

Running Time:

40m approximately


Minimum 4 performers

Written in collaboration with Mark Neil and Brian Two

Originally commissioned by a theatre company based in Spain, Skitskrieg! is a collection of silly sketches all with a World War Two theme.

The script includes a list of suggested wartime songs that can be interwoven into the running order for audience sing along!

Sketches include:

  • The Not so Great Escape: Three POW’s discuss possible escape plans in a World War 2 camp.
  • Keeping up with the Andersons: Jimmy’s dad thinks he has built the perfect Anderson air raid shelter, until he hears about his neighbour’s.
  • Cash in the Attic: It’s another edition of ‘Cash in the Attic’ and the team find some amazing items in Herr Schutzstaffel’s house.
  • The Health and Safety Inspector: The troops manning a dug out in the front line receive a visit from the Brigade Health and Safety inspector!
  • Changing Booms: The TV makeover show, makes over Doris and Charlie’s house!
  • SAS Selection: A rather camp interior designer applies for a position in the elite SAS.
  • Military Intelligence: Two German spies report back to their superior on their failed mission to London and blame the map provided.
  • Gas Masks: A wartime customer returns a substandard gas mask.
  • Bletchley Park 1, 2 and 3: A set of 3 short sketches celebrating the great technological breakthroughs by the boffins of Bletchley Park.
  • The Food Rationing Auction: War time rationing leads to an unusual auction!
  • The 12 Days of Blitzkrieg: An alternative set of lyrics to sing to the tune of the Twelve days of Christmas!
  • Four POWs: A group of four World War 2 veterans reminisce on their wartime prisoner of war experiences.  With more than a nod to Monty Python’s ‘Four Yorkshiremen’!
  • Wartime Ready, Steady, Cook!: With wartime rationing the game show Ready Steady Cook has a very different look and feel!
  • Bomber Command: The Pilot and Flight Engineer of a Lancaster Bomber face trouble from ‘the passengers’ in the back!
  • The Land Army: During a routine inspection of a squad of Land Army girls, the visiting officer has some suspicions that all is not what it seems…

Many of the sketches are available to purchase and perform separately – see our Sketches page

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