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An Hour you won’t get back!

performances to date

Running Time:

1hr approximately


Minimum 3m 2f

19 of our favorite short sketches in one collection, which can be performed as a complete revue or augmented with your choice of songs and other material. With a minimum cast of 5 performers (no maximum limit) and minimal set requirements.

Sketches include:

  • Anything to Declare: A traveler has his bags checked at Customs and some unusual items are discovered.
  • At the Bus stop: An elderly woman waits for the bus to arrive at the stop.
  • Cobra: A meeting of the top secret emergency response team cover some new threats…
  • Confessional: A stressed teenager visits a Priest to discuss his concerns…
  • Cops and Robbers: Barry describes to his dad how the kids today play cops and robbers…
  • Fantasy Games: Two teenage online gaming addicts are hassled to do their daily chores by their mother.
  • Godfather Christmas: Don Abalone has been volunteered to be the Santa at his child’s school party…
  • In the Bookshop: A daft sketch set in a bookshop.
  • In the Opticians: A customer visits the Opticians. Cue a string of daft eye and eyesight gags!
  • Mortal Fears: Geoff, a rather neurotic hypochondriac discusses his latest symptoms with his wife, Susan.
  • Panda Solution: An expert in breeding pandas in captivity explains a radical new programme…
  • The Frustrated Poet: A poet searches for his muse…
  • The Second Amendment: A hunter is interrogated by the police about his hunting gear.
  • Two Cops: A pair of policemen on patrol swap tales.
  • Two Farmers: Two farmers converse! A thinly disguised string of dreadful farmyard related jokes!
  • Zoocatraz: A visitor to the zoo discovers a strange secret…
  • Looking for Mr Evil: A hopeful candidate attends and interview for the position of Ultimate Galactic Dictator…
  • The Vacuuming Sketch: An allegorical comedy sketch where the genders have been reversed to make it more metaphorical..!
  • Shakespeare re-imagined: Dennis uses inspiration from one of the greats to help with his show titles…

AllĀ of the sketches are available to purchase and perform separately.

Apply for Performance Rights:

Licensing: This script is published through Lazy Bee Scripts. To read the whole script online and to make an application to perform the show please visit Lazy Bee Scripts.

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