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The Talky Bits

performances to date

Running Time:

35m approximately


Minimum 1f and 6 either

Written in collaboration with Brian Two

A set of 10 theatrically-themed sketches for Dance and Drama Showcases.

Perfect to perform between your bigger dance or musical numbers.

These sketches take a look at some of the different aspects of putting on a show.

They can be performed as a group or as standalone pieces, adding up to around half an hour of sketch comedy to your show or revue.

With a minimum cast of 7 performers (no maximum limit) and minimal set requirements.

Sketches include:

  • Pitching the show: Getting the show on the road is all about the initial creative pitch…
  • Securing the sponsor: For many shows, securing a sponsor to help finance the production is a crucial task.
  • Nailing the Audition: Finding the best cast for your show is always a problem…
  • Setting the scene: Getting the right look and feel for a show is critical to wow the audiences. But that costs money…
  • No such thing as bad publicity: They say there is no such thing as bad publicity… are they right?
  • Making up the make-up: New make-up girl Donna is not quite what the director expected…
  • A well organised rehearsal: From the first read-through, preparation is the key…
  • Break both legs: As all actors know, there are plenty of superstitions linked to the theatre…
  • Diva!: It can be hard work coping with a Diva!
  • First night nerves: It’s first night and the nerves are showing…

Many of the sketches are available to purchase and perform separately.

Apply for Performance Rights:

Licensing: This script is published through Lazy Bee Scripts. To read the whole script online and to make an application to perform the show please visit Lazy Bee Scripts.

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