Award Certificates

A set of silly award certificates that you can present to your cast and crew: The DAFTA’s (Dramatic Awards for the Theatrically Afflicted).

  • Ideal for after-show parties! Collect nominations throughout your show run and present the awards (perhaps with suitable gifts) to the winners!
  • A set of 15 certificate designs ready to download as an editable Adobe Acrobat PDF file (printing as A4 portrait).
  • Each certificate can be edited to include the name of the recipient, the show name and the name of the group.
  • The set includes a master certificate which you can modify to create bespoke awards specific to your group (the award name is editable).
  • Full instructions on editing and printing included.
  • Full Colour.
  • US format versions available.

The 14 pre-defined awards include:

  • The Spam award – for the hammiest performance.
  • The ‘Cockney Dick Van Dyke’ award – for the dodgiest onstage accent.
  • The Big Part award – for an outstanding performance from a principal.
  • The Small Part award – for an outstanding performance from a non-principal.
  • The ‘Two Left Feet’ award – for dis-service to dance.
  • The Backstage award – for courage during a blackout or services rendered in the wings.
  • The Inanimate Object award – for the best contribution from a prop!
  • The ‘It’s All in the Expression’ award – for achievement by a non-speaking member of the company.
  • The ‘What Not to Wear’ award – for the most amusing costume.
  • The ‘Derring-Do’ award – for dynamic action, daredevil antics and un-choreographed movement.
  • The ‘Foot in Mouth’ award – for erroneously delivered on-stage dialogue.
  • The ‘Not Quite my Vision’ award – for the piece of set that deviated most from the Director’s request.
  • The ‘Purple Heart’ award – for injuries sustained.
  • The ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ award – for improvisation under pressure.

DAFTA Awards

Available to purchase and download from Lazy Bee Scripts