Private Function

Date: 2009

Scripts, creatives and performance

Wedding Event: To help make a couple’s wedding day just a bit different, we worked with the client to develop themed entertainment event centering around a fictional and completely daft company – the National Mistrust. We provided a local tour commentary of completely fabricated facts while guests were shuttled between venues on a London double decker bus and ran guided walking tours of the couples ‘stately home’ complete with crowd control ropes, signage and souvenir leaflet.

Bus tour

A Testing Moanial for TLC

In these straightened times of financial bad news surprises, cheating and lying by MP’s and much of the same old muchness; it is a pleasure to pen a word or two of credit about TLC.

The combination of our life’s events of moving from Manchester to Milton Keynes, housewarming and getting legally bound together in the general pocket area; their brief was not the easiest challenge of the decade. But rise to it and get a rise from it, they did.

The National Mistrust was the perfect TLC invention that delivered the ingredients we wanted. Our guests had to enjoy themselves, to mix with the other guests and resign themselves not to expect the expected.

The team of American Randy Hardacre (DavId Lovesy), dour Trevor Plunge (Steve Clark) tour-guiding … aided, abetted and security vetted by very thorough Brian Damage, (Matt Taylor), ensured our guests were whirl-winded through Milton Keynes and our home (Graveley Court in the Hamptons) in record hilarity and speed (our other stipulations) aboard a Route Master London red bus.

Our humble abode will forever reverberate with the sniggers, chuckles and outright mirth of grand, derogatory and outright libellous descriptions of our accommodation and acquisitions.  Instructions such as ‘please do not touch stuff’; misinformation of our sleeping attire and outright lies (well… some of it) about our personal habits and history were all grist to their creative mill.

If you are not willing to insist on a professional, creative and affordable approach and delivery of your event, do not touch these guys wiih a bargepole!

Barbara Rawlinson