Writing a Play

Whether you are an experienced writer, or are just starting out on the path to write a script for the amateur stage, then this booklet is an invaluable resource!

Packed with advice and handy tips, it provides you with many of the essential sign posts you will need to guide you through the process of converting your ideas to a finished, working play that could be performed on stage.

The booklet is provided as a 48 page A4 PDF download.  A US letter format is also available. Just £6.50 each.

Chapters include:

  • Why Write Plays?
  • Common Mistakes
  • Story Ideas
  • Short Play Formats
  • Pantomimes
  • Full Length Plays
  • Will It Work on Stage?
  • Reaching the Market
  • Script Formats
  • Copyright

Writing a Play for the Amateur Stage

About the Author:
Damian has written a wide range of Pantomimes, One-Act plays, short plays and sketches which have been performed by hundreds of amateur theatre companies in dozens of countries and many have won awards. Damian also reviews scripts submitted to Lazy Bee Scripts for publication or submitted to the Lazy Bee Script Appraisal Service.

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