Four and Twenty Adverts!

Want to liven up your foyer music?

Looking for something just a bit different to play during your interval?

This audio CD holds a total of 17 daft ‘radio’ adverts for a wide range of fictional fairytale / pantomime products and services, and 7 silly announcements to your audience (plus a bonus track promoting next season’s fairyland TV schedule). Supplied in CD case with cover. 

Advert tracks included:

  • Panto Direct 1 – Injury compensation service
  • Panto Direct 2 – Injury compensation service
  • Mother Goose Used Transport Emporium – Second hand magic carpets and pumpkin coaches
  • Fairy Godfather Services – Evil plans thwarted again? Even the odds!
  • Beanstalk – Leguminous vegetable chatline
  • Heroes R Us – Kingdoms saved, villains vanquished!
  • Grimm Brothers Finance and Loans – The perfect way to manage your debt worries.
  • Three Pigs Construction services – Saving your bacon!
  • Beanscene – Another leguminous vegetable chatline
  • Stalkaway – Clear your garden of unwanted greenery
  • Al’s Cow Barn – The best bargain-price bovine offers
  • Germinator 4 – The rise of the beans!
  • Robin Hood Recruitment – Only the merriest men accepted
  • Goldiloctite – The perfect hair product
  • Magic Spinning Wheels – a public information announcement
  • Happily Ever After Therapy – Psychotherapy for fairyland people
  • Sinbad the Sailor Cruises – A choice of seven delightful destinations
  • Bonus Track! Pig Brother House / Dame Academy TV Advert – What’s on next season!

Foyer / Audience Announcements included:

  • Take your seats and turn off your mobiles #1
  • Take your seats and turn off your mobiles #2
  • Interval announcement
  • Exit – Please leave so the band can get to the bar (matinee)
  • Exit – Please leave so the band can get to the bar (pm)
  • Exit – Please leave as the management charges by the hour
  • Exit – Please leave before the cast catch and disembowel the little scamp in the 3rd row!

Also available are two sequel CDs: Four and Twenty more adverts and Four and Twenty – the 3rd album. We also have printable spoof fairy-tale adverts to use in your show programmes: Spoof Adverts.

Four and Twenty Adverts CD

Available to purchase from Lazy Bee Scripts