Spoof Adverts

A range of adverts for fairytale products and services to enhance your show programmes.

  • Three sets of 8 high definition scaleable JPEG images for you to insert as space fillers/light relief in your show programmes
  • Each comprises of a mix of 6 x quarter A5 portrait format (63mm x 91mm) and 2 x half A5 landscape format designs (132.5mm x 91mm)
  • Colour and Greyscale versions available
  • Provided as a downloadable set of JPEG images

Pack One – The adverts include:

  • Panto Direct – Injury compensation service (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Mother Goose Used Transport Emporium – Magic carpets, broomsticks and pumpkin coaches (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Trouble Sleeping? – Try an enchanted spinning wheel… (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Fairy Godfather services – Evil plans thwarted again? Even the odds! (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • BeansTalk – Leguminous vegetable chat line. (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Heroes R Us – Kingdoms saved, villains vanquished! (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Grimm Brothers Finance and Loans – The perfect way to manage your debt worries (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Three Pigs Construction services – Saving your bacon! (1/4 A5 portrait)

Pack Two – The adverts include:

  • Happily Ever After – Fairytale counselling services (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Life Laundry – Transform your image with a Widow Twankey make over (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Crazy Daisy’s Cow Barn – Exchange your unwanted family cow for magic beans (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Goldiloctite – Rapunzel reveals the secret of her strong and long hair! (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Simple Simon Consultants – Specialist help from an expert(?!?) (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Cash for Eggs – Trade in your golden eggs (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • EasyFate.com – Getting Princesses and Frogs together! (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • The King’s Men – Have you got what it takes? (1/4 A5 portrait)

Pack Three – The adverts include:

  • Babes in the Wood – Fairytale creche facilities (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • PerCinnamon Homes – Bespoke gingerbread cottages (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Emperor’s Tailoring – Invisible menders (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • The Shoemaking Elves – Why should Puss in Boots get all the footwear? (1/2 A5 landscape)
  • Incey Wincey Web Design – Beautiful tailored webbing (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Slippr – Dating app for charming princes (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Youngest Son Adventurers – Quests done first time, every time (1/4 A5 portrait)
  • Oil of Oily – Amphibian skincare (1/4 A5 portrait)

Many of these adverts leap off the page into audio format in our range of CDs: Four and Twenty Adverts, Four and Twenty More Adverts and Four and Twenty – the 3rd Album.

Spoof Adverts Pack 1

Spoof Adverts Pack 2

Spoof Adverts Pack 3

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