Four and Twenty More Adverts!

With the continued success of our first Spoof Advert CD, and by popular demand, we bring you a second compilation of spoof adverts for fictional services and products inspired by Fairytale and Pantomime.

The perfect way to add a bit of fun to your theatre foyer / show interval.

This audio CD holds a total of 19 silly ‘radio’ adverts and 5 ‘tongue in cheek’ announcements to your audience. Supplied in CD case with cover.

Advert tracks included:

  • 3 Bears Security Services – An end to breaking and entering and porridge theft.
  • Sorcerer Cleaning gel – Shazam and the dirt is gone!
  • Tart safe – Store your cakes away from any thieving Knave.
  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Gardening Services.
  • M&S (Malevolent and Suspicious) Poisoned Products.
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep’s wool sale.
  • The Spratkins Diet.
  • Perfect Princesses match making services
  • See through tailors – As endorsed by his highness the Emperor!
  • Cobblers Estate agents – Meeting your footwear housing needs.
  • Panto Direct Groceries – Home delivery supplies for your larder.
  • Tree-Bay – Make some cash and sell unwanted Merry Men clutter.
  • The Witless protection scheme – For has-been comedy link men!
  • ID theft warning – A public information announcement.
  • The House of Charming – Perfumery products.
  • EFS – The enchanted furniture store: Everything must go!
  • Magic Mirrors – The SAT NAV model which guide you to the fairest in the land!
  • Rambo-stiltskin – A Film trailer.
  • Army Recruitment – Have you got what it takes to join the Kings Men?

Foyer / Audience Announcements included:

  • ‘Please turn off your mobile phones’
  • ‘No cameras please!’
  • ‘Remember to cheer the goodies and boo the villains’
  • ‘There is now an interval’
  • ‘The show is over – please go home!’

Also available are two further CDs: Four and Twenty Adverts and Four and Twenty – the 3rd Album. We also have printable silly fairy-tale adverts to use in your show programmes with our spoof adverts.

Four and Twenty More Adverts CD

Available to purchase from Lazy Bee Scripts